Bootstrap Standard


(Brady Miller) #61

Wow, that was kind of a let down. I was expecting explosions and for the OpenEMR world to end with the above commit, but the only thing I noticed is that maybe the default font size is just a bit too small.

(Jerry P) #62

Now the font family and sizes should have the proper precedent where, when I tested, the global fonts works nicely. Now if only we had a property in the Header class to exclude loading style sheet, we’d be golden…

(Brady Miller) #63

I am also willing to bet the smaller font size I noted is just in the upper menu and tabs titles and will be easy to adjust (I had to do this in the past, as I recall).

Do you have a use case for skipping the style sheet (so have place to test it out)?

(Jerry P) #64

No production work flow I can think of but for testing and styling new pages it could be very helpful to start from the base class or to compare a style to the base bootstrap. So no for use in production but could be nice for development.

(Brady Miller) #65

Maybe the login page? Also noted some portal/institutional pages that didn’t use main theme.
My changes in the Header class may of already given @robert.down chest pains. Would hate to cause more grief :smile:

(Jerry P) #66

That’s okay, I figured out I can just create blank style sheet to load… I would expect to see some issues just let me know and I’ll help resolve them.

User Interface Design Style Guide - The Beginnings
(Brady Miller) #67

Testing well after a couple minor styling fixes and just brought this into the main codebase.