Block provider from adding units over daily limit

We are providing a service that may have many providers working with a client each day so we want to prevent overlap on units build. The warning on the encounter warns them an encounter is already there but it still allows them to add one because it could be a different type of service. Our problem is that our peer supporters are sometimes meeting them out of office hours and we cant bill after a certain limit per day. Can I code a block for this service after a certain amount of units per patient per day?

hi @tjbarr, maybe add this to the billing log to warn whoever is about to bill it out?

Which page, specifically?

EDIT: X125010837P.php script writes to the log in 6.0.0

I am not following. Sorry.

hi @tjbarr, that script writes the billing log which can be seen with View Log in the billing manager. The billers should check that before sending out a claim.

Thanks, unfortunately our billing manager is not working right now because of another issue that I am trying to figure out. Thanks. Can I make the price hidden in the fee sheet page?

Going to try to add a count to the fee sheet by code, modifier, date of service and then warn or possibly block a user from adding more to that day.

Has anyone coded this already?

There are also services that can only be billed a limited time per day, week, year etc.