Blank page when trying to add new patient

(Mfonobong Etim) #1

I just upgraded to 5.0.2 from 5.0.1,
I couldn’t find patch 2, so I downloaded patch 1. extractedd the patch, but the sql_patch could not run. The openemr is opening well, but when i try to add a new patient, it gives me a blank page.
Please I need assistance on how to resolve this. I am a new user of this application.
Thank you

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @mfonnix, probably need to clear the cache in your browser to remove the old 5.0.1 scripts and force the browser to pull in the new 5.0.2 scripts

(Mfonobong Etim) #3

Thank you Stephen for responding promptly to this. I have used another browser and it’s still like that

(Mfonobong Etim) #4

I have done a fresh installation of 5.0.2(1), after logging in, it displays a blank page with only menu items displayed. console log gives the following errors

knockout-latest.js?v=49:72 Uncaught ReferenceError: Unable to process binding “template: function(){return {name:‘user-data-template’,data:application_data} }”
Message: Unable to process binding “with: function(){return user }”
Message: Unable to process binding “click: function(){return changeMFA }”
Message: changeMFA is not defined
at click (eval at parseBindingsString (knockout-latest.js?v=49:68), :1:58)
at knockout-latest.js?v=49:103
at init (knockout-latest.js?v=49:89)
at init (knockout-latest.js?v=49:103)
at knockout-latest.js?v=49:72
at Object.w (knockout-latest.js?v=49:39)
at knockout-latest.js?v=49:71
at Object.q (knockout-latest.js?v=49:11)
at m (knockout-latest.js?v=49:71)
at k (knockout-latest.js?v=49:69)