Billing Module Tutorial

Dear All, I am using 7.0.1. Its pretty neat. But I am finding difficulty in the Billing Module. Anyone has a tutorial for the billing?

Hi @levijustus -
The OpenEMR wiki has many detailed HOWTOs in its user guide section at

It contains lots of really good information but sadly, the info can be difficult to find. The most efficient way to locate materials is to type a brief search term into the search text area at the very end of every wiki page then search the returns for what you want.

However, let me save you some effort and point you straight to the most relevant resources on the billing module and workflow.
This doc describes the basic medical encounter as OpenEMR is designed to conduct it. Many of those steps input data which is used in billing; this doc talks about getting the info into the system properly.
This page runs you through a standard encounter detailing the specific steps and information that is used and required by the billing module.
This is an old doc but it may have some useful details. As with so many OpenEMR functionalities, the steps are nearly all the same as the latest OpenEMR version, once you get into the billing (or other function) interface.

The video at
is a good guide to the billing workflow in the modern- styled interface.

Hope that helps, and feel free to come back and ask if you have more questions!
Best- Harley

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Dear @htuck , Thanks for the reply. I went through all of the links you provided. Though not very exhaustive, it’s informative. I think I will have to get my hands wet with a live scenario and get seasoned. Indeed Helpful. Thanks Again.

Hi @levijustus
Glad it helped some.
The basic billing workflow is fairly simple: 1) make sure all the required info is present, 2) have the Billing module generate the claim files, 3) send them off. The complexity starts when you have to adapt to a specific clearinghouse’s requirements, or adjust errors in claims or payments. And those problems are too individualized to try to document them all.
As you say, you’ll have to just get your hands wet, and put your clearinghouse customer sppt on speed dial!
Good luck- HT

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