Billing claim process module

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We are trying to figure out how to use this system. There are error messages that we don’t understand.

When we added the inbound folder to the settings then we get a different error. The file does upload to office ally.

Why are we getting this message? We are just trying to understand.

The remote directory should be a remote directory. It looks like you put the host name of the SFTP server in that field?

If the SFTP host is ‘’ you should put that in the SFTP Host field.

The remote directory, is a directory on the remote site, relative to the default directory. If you are placing files in the default location, it should be “/”, or if you have a specific directory to place files, it should be “/path/to/remote/files”

The local directory is an absolute path on the OpenEMR system, which is where the x-12 files are stored for this x-12 partner. This can be set to something like this if you want to keep thex-12 files in your site’s directory:


Just wanted to report that if everything goes right, the screen shows success

These setting are ok

This screen shows nothing if everything is ok.