Be Social to login

We are testing a social login feature that will permit use of third party authenticaton using oauth2 to log in to OpenEMR. At present we retrieve the verified email address from that source and match it with emr users and patients. If there is a single match, the login succeeds as either emr login or patient portal login.

Is there any interest in community to have such a feature? Does anyone know if MU has any requirement / constraint on such access?


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hi @mdsupport ,

Sounds very cool and guessing would be especially useful for patient portal. Since this would be optional (ie. could be turned off via globals), no issue with MU.


Yes certainly would be useful for the portal. I’ve always been hesitate about using anything but a backwards to OpenEMR verification of some sort which you seem to have covered.
How can I help?

btw:sorry, been meaning to reply on this but got lost in my brain queue. :slight_smile:

Here you go -

Hybridauth has a wonderful architecture that we plan to leverage throughout our code.

@sjpadgett, We probably would never get into standard portal. But you could consider our approach that there be a single authentication mechanism for everyone and everything. Then, depending on interface through which that authentication request was made, you configure the session (if applicable) using interface specific version of globals.php. So please consider value of using standard OpenEMR session for portal.

@sjpadget - If you use standard login, we did leave a hook where the match for authenticated email is found in patient record rather than users. This commit ignores such login attempt that you can take over.

Additional details listed in this reply.