Batch payment and family card payment issues

(timothy) #1

Two patients worked into the clinic, who are both husband and wife with a family card registration. Each one was registered as individual patients(male and female) while indicating that it is a family card.
Likewise each one of them with its own billing.
The husband makes payment for both of them.
The cashier went to the Fee>>Batch payment
Payment Category - family
Paying entity - Patient
The payment was successfully made and posted to clear the billing of both the payee(husband) and the wife which also reflected on each patient billing widget.
However there are developing challenges;

  1. The reporting tools both under financials and daily report do not capture the transactions. Meaning the transaction is not reflecting in reports
  2. If the payee over pays which is undistributed, the situation does not also reflect in the reports tool except through searching from the batch payment tool.

in this scenario, how can problem 1 and 2 be solved or is there any other way for the husband to make the payment for himself and the wife.

(timothy) #2

Hello All,
Please any ideal around this situation.