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Backup openemr to DVD R

I am running the “” script to backup to DVD R
I get error :
“gpg: [stdin]: encryption failed: No public key”
i created the key and included it in the .gnupg folder inside openemr and adjusted the path in the script to include the passwordless running of the script:

mysqldump --login-path=testbed1 --opt openemr…
any help why the request to the 'public key"?

Also in the script i noticed when editing that the :

filename for mysql backup file


is bckup a typo?
should it be backup or leave it as is?


Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated.

I was able to solve it…!
when I generated the keys with:

gpg --gen-key

It put it in my home folder after creating ,gnupg subfolder, all I had to do is to move it to the openemr folder and voila…the script worked like charm.

I like this method of backing up because it is a physical DVD that only will lose the data written on it if you break it or lose it, in my opinion it is the closest thing to the utmost secured data…Paper charts…

And there is no typo in the script.