Back up question - please help

(Jeff Guillory) #1

I am wanting to back up my OpenEMR .tar backup file.
I put a 32GB USB flash drive into a USB port.
I go to file manager in linux and right click on the file and click copy. Then I go to my USB drive and click paste.
I hums around a bit then freeezes. I do get the pop up box showing 4.3GB of 10GB copying. Then after a bit I got the error message, cannot copy, file too large.
What the heck? Why can’t I copy a 10GB tar file onto a 32GB USB flash drive?
I am using Linux Ubuntu.

(Jeff Guillory) #2

Do I need to try to copy it using the terminal. If so, can someone help me with the proper commands?

(Stephen Waite) #3

hi @nursejeff, try

df -h

in the terminal to see how much usable space there is on your filesystems

(Jeff Guillory) #4

(Stephen Waite) #5

looks like there’s plenty of room, how about

cp <filename> /media/nursejeff/4E28-7C59/.

(Jeff Guillory) #6

Can you tell what I am doing wrong? It probably has to do with the Seagate Backup Plus Drive has spaces in it but I don’t know for sure. I did try it putting underscores where the spaces are but that did not work either.

(Stephen Waite) #7

yeah, usually you can hit the tab key after typing a little hint to get the folder to autocomplete it’s name when they’re a pain to type

(Jeff Guillory) #8

Does linux syntax allow for spaces between words in the name of a file? If not, how do I fix it?

(Stephen Waite) #9

you escape them like

/media/nursejeff/Seagate\ Backup\ Plus\ Drive/


How is the USB drive formated? FAt, FAT32, eFAT, NTFS?
Install the appropriate support for the USB drive filesystem.
For example apt install ntfs-g3 for NTFS.

(Jeff Guillory) #11


Thank you sir, that was the problem.

I formatted the USB drive on a windows computer, so it would not work.

I used Ubuntu, to format the drive to ext4 format.

Then using Ubuntu again, I right clicked on the file I wanted to transfer, clicked “copy to” and copied the file straight to the USB drive.

Worked great. Thanks again.

(Stephen Waite) #12

it’s okay to format the usb on windows and strange that it showed it mounted but wasn’t working as expected

it’s important to encrypt the external drive for hipaa compliance

(Jeff Guillory) #13

Fat32 format can be recognized in Linux but the file transfer limit is 4GB. Since my tar file was 10GB is gave me the error: file too large.

How do I encrypt the drive?

(Stephen Waite) #14

ok, right fat32, you’ll basically have to redo what you’ve done but choose an encrypted filesystem when you go to format, note this will destroy the data on the partition