Automatic Primary Diagnosis

Hi all please i need to deactivate the automatic primary diagnosis codes on the Procedure Diagnosis.
Please @stephenwaite @sjpadgett @sophisticated_acquis

Hi Natt SL Limited,
you can refer below attached link to know about OpenEMR codes


@Param_CapMinds thanks for the response, i have manually loaded the Diagnosis codes, but we want to disable the automatic ICD10:E and others that populate with we selecting

Hello @Natt_SL_Limited -
Can you tell me how you arrived at that panel? For example, are you in the patient dashboard and clicked on some button? Or is it in the Procedures configuration module?
I do not recognize the controls you have.
Thanks- Harley

Just click the code in box and from popup click delete. You may get an error as I’ve noticed a bug however, it will still delete after you click cancel to exit dialog.

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