Automated Measure Calculations

I’m trying to familiarize myself with the process of using oemr to do mips reporting next year. I’ve looked through the wiki and a number of forum post and I’ve yet to solidify what I’m supposed to do to make sure that the data I need is in the database so that I can run a report that we’ll file next year.

Currently if i go to reports->clinic->automated measures and plug in dates and etc and then run the report, i get a table header but no data. The apache2 error logs show a bunch of php warnings but no fatal error. I’ve checked the amc_misc_data table and I’ve got thousands of entries during the time frame that I specified on the report screen. I’m not sure if the amc_misc_data table is relevant to this or not but it gets mentioned in conjunction with AMC.

I’m guessing that I need to do something in Open Emr to have it collect the data needed for the AMC report. I think that includes some clinical rules and care coordination configuration for the specific bits of data but I’m not sure.

Does anyone have an overview of which parts/modules of oemr have to be configured and work together to record the data needed to get a useful AMC report?

I’m running oemr v7(2) on ubuntu linux 22.04 with mariadb and php 8.1

hi @bearzillasquatch, AMC isn’t used with MIPS reporting. Is this for primary care?

@stephenwaite we are a specialty practice.

If AMC isn’t used for mips, what is used to generate the report/data?


It’s explained in the MIPS link above.

I guess my question is about the part where it says “submit your data”. Does open emr not have some report or script that collates the needed data?


Currently there are 10 quality measures that can be reported.

I believe the doctors found 6 measures in the 10 that we could use to meet our requirements. So where do we put into open emr that we’ve asked the patient the questions required and provided the patient the information etc that is required for each measure?

And how do we get that information out of open emr at the end of the year to submit the data to cms?


hi @bearzillasquatch , please see the example record entry sections in the above link

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@stephenwaite thanks for that info. I think i can figure out now what i need to do. Or at least it will be a day or two before i realize i can’t.

hi @bearzillasquatch , wanted to add that the report that has to be generated is described here.