Appointments are added for the same patient with the same time with different providers

(marimuthu) #1

Hello Devs,

I’m using the openemr-5.0.1 with nginx web server in ubuntu 16.04 system.
I’ve downloaded the package from this link -->

When I tried to add an appointment for the same patient with multiple providers at same time means, the calendar shows both the appointments without warning message. In practical, we can’t meet two or more providers at the same time appointment.
So, how to avoid this kind of issue at openemr calendar…
Could anyone help me…

Thanks in advance…

Software Developer

(ViSolve) #2

Multiple appointments may be essential in some cases. For a clinic with multiple doctors they book multiple appointments at the same time, so that if one cancels the appointment the other person can fill up the slot. It is very normal that cancellation of appointments at the last moment and hence it prevent Doctors from losing the time slot.