API Creation in openemr


I am new in openemr can u guys please help me out in context.

I have created 2 seprate telemedicine portall 1 for that patients and another for providers. that is build on Angluar just I want to use openemr in Backend.

Is there any API already exist in openemr so please help me?


@faizan913 no api is not there in OpenEMR you need to create that.

Thanks Nilesh,

in which folder api will create??

@faizan913 you need to look the apis directory into OpenEMR directory you need to investigated from there.

We have both our standard and FHIR apis. Perhaps they can provide the datasets to support your telemedicine app. Also we support SMART on FHIR.

I know just enough to know what an API is.
BUT There’s an API for Astronaut, which runs on VISTA core.

I hope this is some help?

Hi jerry i follow Api documnetation but im getting error while register client

Please help me.


You have to pass access token. First you should register under the openEmr web . Then Create app key before any initial step.