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Anyone able to set-up operating EMR system for me (Will Pay)

Can someone help in setting up the following:

  • Setup new VPC, subnets, internet gateways, and NAT gateway
  • Setup new EC2 instance
  • Issue and install certificate for web server
  • Install OpenEMR
  • Apply security patches to instance
  • Harden instance to comply with current published NSA security standards
  • Deploy RDS cluster
  • Migrate existing database to RDS
  • Configure AWS security groups
  • Connect OpenEMR to RDS instance
  • Create VPN or PrivateLink connection between AWS and your office
  • Configure routing of OpenEMR traffic
  • Upgrade OpenEMR to latest version
  • Harden VPC
  • Configure Guard Duty
  • Configure AWS Backup
  • Take images of previous deployment and decommission environment
  • Verify system operation

The above changes have been recommended by a colleague. His contact not around.
My instance keeps becomes unaccessible from time to time and requires reboots. I need a stable and secure system that will back-up without prompting. I feel overwhelmed with the AWS environment. Since I have this system already up and running I am uncomfortable dong the changes/upgrades, etc.

I’m using OpenEMR version
v5.0.1 (6) On AWS

Chrome Browser

Win 10 OS



Thanks for sharing in such a detail on what you need.
Sorry to know more about your “AWS” security /availability problems as we specialize on AWS Cloud Security and OpenEMR. We love to provide you a FREE
analysis on your challenges with AWS as we dont think you should have reliability issues with AWS and/or with OpenEMR.
If you are interested please send us a mail to