Age option in LBV Forms

(David D. Speck MD) #1

I tried to ad an “Age” field to the demographic page. I created a Textbox, and assigned it the option of “Age”, and hoped that it w9ould automatically calculate the age based on the patient’s previously entered date of birth.

Nothing happens. The LBV Wiki pages are based for V4.1.12, and quite out of date.

Am I expecting too much, or are there more comprehensive LBV Docs somewhere else?

(Jerry P) #2

Hi David,
Three things: The Data Type needs to be a text date type, The Options needs an Age option and the date field needs to be populated so the age can be calculated.
So either populate the new age field with dob when patient is created(two DOB’s) or just add an age option to the existing DOB field which will add a label to the DOB display. Change description to maybe read Age or something you prefer.

(David D. Speck MD) #3

Thank you very much. It works as described. I never would have expected that the one DOB field would display the info both ways simultaneously.

(Jerry P) #4

Expect the unexpected my friend. There is much this module does and Rod is adding new features as we speak after which, i’m going to fix the field id dilemmas.