AES-256-CBC cipher is not available

(Amiel Elboim) #1

The latest version requires AES-256-CBC cipher.
How can I install it??

I’m working in Ubuntu 16.04.



(Brady Miller) #2

Hi @Amiel ,
That’s really odd, the AES-256-CBC worked on my Ubuntu 16.04 previously. What php version are you using on Ubuntu 16.04 (guessing you needed to upgrade it to get above 7.0, correct?). The php-openssl should be always included in ubuntu php, but guessing this may not be case if you forced a php upgrade > 7.0.

(Amiel Elboim) #3

I have php 7.2.13

I get error - OpenEMR Error : OpenEMR is not working since the php openssl module is not installed or the AES-256-CBC cipher is not available.

(Brady Miller) #4


Are you sure that you have the php openssl module installed for your version of php?


(Brady Miller) #5

Hi @Amiel ,
Just ensuring your issue was fixed with the recent commit to the codebase:
fixed newer version openssl issue where only lower case cipher is ret… · openemr/openemr@4ec25a7 · GitHub