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After setting each field in Documents where the fields are reflect in openemr …
if any one please provide the clear informationi on that how to configure those parameters…

Eventhough i go through the below link i am not able get exact information, so please provide some morte stuff on that


(ViSolve) #2

The values updated in the Administration->Globals->Documents will get reflected in the document section.
For example, we enable the checkbox “Expand All Document Categories”

Now you can select a particular patient and click on documents. you can able to view all values under the categories i.e Expand option is handled.


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Thanks to reply…

Actually i know about wat ur given example like we enable the checkbox “Expand All Document Categories”
but my concern is remaining fields …
let us an example when i tried to change any thing in patient id and photo category text and remining things that are not visible in patient summary page…


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Some explanation for the fileds are given below

  1. Patient ID Category Name

For Example, the default value is “Patient ID card”. Now the files under Patient ID Card will be displayed under ID Card/Photos in patient summary

  1. Patient Photo Category Name

For Example, the default value is “Patient Photograph”. The image under patient photograph will be displayed in patient summary


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Thanks for ur reply…

My concern here is when i try to change the exisiting fields in Administartion | Globals | Documents

in that Patient ID Category Name field is there so i changed the text like Patient ID card as a Patient ID after save that…after adding patient id to the any patient through documents its not display that id card in that patient page…
so these fields are static or else anything ?

Patient ID Category Name

Patient Photo Category Name

Lab Results Category Name


(ViSolve) #6


  1. Change the category name under the option Administration -> Practice -> Documents.
    Click on Edit Categories and change the category name. For example Patient ID.
  2. Now you can modify the category name as “Patient ID” in Adminstration-> Globals-> Documents