Administration Codes showing Race list


Can anyone tell me what went wrong here?
codes.pdf (664.6 KB)

I was deselecting most of the races from administration, lists, Race then saved. Now when I go to administration codes, this is what comes up. I could not figure out how to undo it.

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We have tried your steps to reproduce the issue in OpenEMR version 5.0 ( with Patch 6) and we couldn’t able to see the issue.
Can you please share your steps with more detail which could cause the issue?



Thanks. I found that the problem is in my list_options table. everytime I import this table into a new database problem occurs. I tried restoring this table but it messed with the invoice number sequence. Does anyone know how to fix this without destroying data?


Could someone figure out what my problem is? Every time I restore my list_options table, the administration codes gets messy. Here is a dump of my list-options table. Could someone restore this to a test environment and then go to Administration and Codes and see what my problem is? I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while without success.
Thankslist_options.sql (241.4 KB)

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@Kanoberson ,
Sorry for the delay on this. Appears to be a very interesting bug. Still having this issue?

(edit: confirmed via PM that this is still an issue)


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btw, per @Kanoberson , this is happening in OpenEMR 4.2.2

Do you do anything in Administation->Codes before you see this, or does this show right when you open the screen?


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Off the top of my head, I think that is where the price level selection is. So possibly, the race list is being used instead of price level for some reason.


Happens right when you open the screen.

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Do a search for pricelevel in your sql and you will see the issue. The pricelevel id should just be for this list:

However, somehow, someway you have it including 600 list items (rather than just ‘standard’).



Thanks much. Now let’s see if I can do what you just said.

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To clarify (I was being to brief, I think). If you open your sql script that you posted in a text viewer. Then search for pricelevel and then you will see that it is being used way more than it should. That is the list_id for Price Levels which by default includes just Standard entry. However, in your case, you have 600 entries on the pricelevel list which is messing things up.


I don’t know how I messed that up, but thanks to you, it’s fixed now.
Thank you