Adding Patient Insurance, All Fields Required

(Ben Ipinge) #1

Good day,

We are on the latest version When adding a new patient, the insurance form requires that all fields; for primary, secondary & tertiary insurance providers; be completed.

We tried to find the layout to edit but seems that its not possible. How can we go about resolving this issue?

This is how it looks like

(Stephen Waite) #2

hi @Benzo, the ins fields aren’t required. You’d have to edit this file to make any changes.

(Ben Ipinge) #3

:weary:What must be changed?

And why does the language definitions or constants not override the terms in the front-end?

(Brady Miller) #4

Hi @Benzo ,

As Stephen pointed out, those fields should not be required. So, something is going wrong on your install. What message are you seeing when trying to save a new patient.

The language definitions should override the terms on the front-end. So, sounds like something is amiss there. Where are you placing the definitions?


(Ben Ipinge) #5

Hi @brady.miller,

I followed the installation process to the T, nothing unusual happened there. I am checking the logs and nothing unusual appears there either, or must the debug level logging be enabled to pick up those type of errors?

The definitions and constants are not overwriting for this portion of the form, but works elsewhere on other parts of system. What can I look at to get this resolved?

Btw, this is a brand new installation.

(Ben Ipinge) #6

Here is the code for 1 field, and it seems that they have been classified as required. So I guess that has to be changed to another class right?:sunglasses:

              <label class='required'><?php echo xlt('Plan Name'); ?> </label>
             <td class='required'>:</td>
              <input type='entry' class='form-control' size='20' name='i<?php echo $i?>plan_name' value="<?php echo attr($result3{"plan_name"}); ?>"
               onchange="capitalizeMe(this);" />&nbsp;&nbsp;

(Stephen Waite) #7

hi @Benzo, that class could be put to that use with javascript via the HTML DOM but it’s not currently. You should be able to save the new patient without inputting any of the insurance fields.

(Ben Ipinge) #8

Hi @stephenwaite, Alright.

Since I do not need all the fields in the insurance form, how can I hide some?

(Stephen Waite) #9

feel free to hack away :slight_smile:

(Ben Ipinge) #10

I am ready to hack :slightly_smiling_face: , but a bit of direction can do a lot of good.:relaxed:

Will commenting out the rows do?

(Stephen Waite) #11

might be easier to try this approach

(Ben Ipinge) #12

@stephenwaite The changes done are not applying, even though I saved the file & reloaded server.

What might be the issue?

(Stephen Waite) #13

hi @Benzo, feel free to post your code changes here

(Ben Ipinge) #14

Hi @stephenwaite,

I have attached the file rather.
demographics_full.php (34.5 KB)