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Adding Diagnosis Codes

Is there a way to increase the number of Diagnosis codes that I can add on the Fee Sheet?
It seems there is a limit?

Version Number: v5.0.2 (3)


Operating System
I’m using: Windows

The limit should be 12 due to the hcfa limitation where only 4 can be on a service line.

Hi Stephen and thanks for your reply.

When I am using the Fee Sheet I click on the ICD-10 to select the code:


When the box opens, I have several Diagnoses to choose from:


I would like to add more but it seems that I am limited. Is there a limit, and if so is there a way I can increase the limit?

I need to add about 4 more.

oh, ok, Admin->Lists-Fee Sheet?

Hi Folks-
Adding Admin-> Lists-> Fee Fheet is part of the process but it has a few more steps.
The complete answer is, OpenEMR has 2 different functionalities, one the older and less versatile but still might do you some good:

However, it has a serious limitation in that you can only use a code once on the fee sheet.
A newer capability is to make fee sheet categories which are v cool because you can use the same code in each of the fee sheet categories (those dropdowns on the fee sheet). And as far as I can tell, the size of the display wndow is the only limitation on the number of fee sheet codes you can create.

I wrote the docs and I think they’re pretty comprehensive, but feel free to ask me if something doesn’t make sense.
Best- Harley


Hi Harley,

Thanks for your reply. You answered my question. The limitation is 15 for ICD-10 codes.


Hi @nursejeff thanks for the update, accurate information is always good to have.

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