Adding Ability to Cache / Use OpenEMR When Internet Is Down

I just saw the following link relating to blueEHR (which is a fork of OpenEMR).

BlueEHR Blog - Cloud Based EHR Without Internet

I would like this feature in OpenEMR but I can’t see how it would be possible.

Does anyone have any idea about how BlueEHR could have done it?

Not having used it, I can’t tell you how they did it, but if it was my job to sit down and do it I’d look at some sort of HTML5 offline application that could preload patients and charts in a travel mode and then sync changes when it next talked to the mothership. It would be, uhm, a /lot/ of work though, and it wouldn’t be especially willing to play nice with customization. I’d probably try to get away with a limited-surface limited-features applet.