Adding a PHP Form

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I code a PHP Form for wounds (ragged-,dirty-,soft).
Now i want to upload it on OpenEmr.
But i am not sure where.

I want to open it as a pop-up so you can fill the textareas.
First i wanted to edit the Blank Forms but as you click on one of the exsisting blank forms you can only print it.
Secondly i saw the issues and edit wounds as an issue.
So what do i have to edit, that i am able to open my php form as a pop-up?

Thank You

Students from Germany

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Hello @HSNR01,

In OpenEMR, an form can be added by two ways:
1.Create a directory under interface->forms, and copy the code into this folder.This folder has some default structure, - Will be used when adding new forms.
2.view.php - For viewing already saved forms. - saving the form. - Printing the form to PDF,etc.
5.table.sql - Form related tables,etc - The file describes the report name,etc.
2. In OpenEMR itself, there are some form creation tools which you find more info here:

Hope this helps.


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Thancks for your help.