Addding Conditions in demographics not Saving


(syedyawar) #1

Dear Openemr community, I am trying to add conditions on some of the fields of demographics but i am unable to do so. Whenever i add condition and save. It doesnot save it tried for lot of time but same happened.

(Jerry P) #2

Could you be more explicit such as app version, what conditions and fields in Layouts and check your php error log and browser console logs.

(syedyawar) #3

thanks for replying. I am using v5.0.1 (4) latest patch . on ubuntu 18.04 server. I am adding condition for title. When its unassigned its value should be Mr. . but when i save it . it didnot save

(syedyawar) #4

@sjpadgett there is no error shown. everything works fine but change don’t save

(Jerry P) #5

Unassigned value to the backend is “” but the condition field in Layouts is text so to represent empty ie “” simply leave ‘Value if comparing’ blank like so:

This works on current 502 dev and I have not tried 501. Also, current patch level for 501 is 7.

Just tried 5.0.1(7) and works also…

(syedyawar) #6

thanks i am doing the same thing leaving it blank but nothing seems to be working @sjpadgett