2 ACL issues (internationalization?)


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two questions about the ACL feature:
1- I wanted physicians to be able to delete a visit form, e.g. when a doctor accidentally clicks on eye-exam, the visit form is created automatically with no possibility to delete this. How can I achieve this in the ACL list?

2- When working in German, the ACL list does not accept Umlaut characters; Ärtze (Physicians) or Anästhesist, Ökonom etc… is out of the question: it says please only use alphabetic characters… When I type in these characters in a SOAP form it accepts it, no complaints. But The ACL doesn’t. Why why why

(FYI I tried the Observation Form and Functional and Cognitive status with Ä, ä ö é etc… and they accept the input but it never makes it into the database; only the form is shown in the visit summary but no content)

How to let a doctor delete an unwanted form,
and how to internationalize the ACL (it shows Ärzte correctly in the translation but doesn’t accept the same input)
Roland :paw_prints:

OpenEMR doesnt recognizes characters and accents
(ViSolve) #2


The physician can be provided with the delete access to the encounter forms by modifying the ACL list in the following way.

Navigate to the ACL list and click on the physicians-write option. Then select the superuser and click the button that is highlighted in the image.

Now login as a physician you can see the delete button that appears for all the created encounter forms.

 Please let me know if you have further clarifications.